Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26th, 2015

Hey Everyone!
All is going good here is Germany. So I typed in that address I gave you and it didn't take you to my building. I live in the Center of the University. It is really close to the McDonald s.  I started out like Adam and i am “white washing” into the area and we had no investigators. "White washing" is when they take all the missionaries out and put brand new ones into the area that know nothing about the place.  So we went to a college apartment complex said a prayer and started knocking doors. About 5 doors later we gave a Book of Mormon to a Girl named Hannah who is on the basketball team in Jena. We made a return appointment and taught her not the first lesson but an overview lesson of what our church is about. She really liked it and at the end we had her pray and she prayed for about 5 min. It was really long and I didn't catch much. But after my companion told me that she said she was glad we came and she hadn't felt that close to God in a long time. So yeah I think she will be a good investigator. Later that week we found a few more investigators. We just gave them a Book of Mormon and scheduled a return Appointment with them. Three are Muslim and one in Spanish maybe? It’s awesome how fast we are finding people and Elder Anderson said people don’t normally take the Book that often. It’s super exciting. We have had a few people just say "Nein!" and just shut the door in our faces. haha
View of Jena and the University from Jena Tower.
 Our apartment is the tallest building on the left that looks like steps.

Our time here is going great. We don’t have cars and we don’t use our bikes. We just use the tram systems that go all over the place. We met one of the basketball players from the sixth floor and he said he was from New York. He was so tall he had to duck to get into the elevator. We also have some crazy guy who stands outside of our church for a while each day and thinks he is Jesus. My companion and some another Elder went back to our place to grab a bowl for Institute Dinner and they talked with him. His name is Bill Cristus and he really thinks he is Jesus. My companion said “Hi Bill” and He said “It’s Jesus Christ actually”, and then he started saying that he wasn't going to save my companion and that only through him could he be saved. Kind of interesting.
Trying my first Döner! 
Some food that I have tried are Döners. They are a sandwich with thin meat and they are pretty good.  Another thing we have had is bratwurst from a little stand on the street called Grill Teufel.  It’s pretty good stuff.   I saw him grabbing a raw bratwurst from the cooler to put on the grill and that was a little gross.
There is a rumor going around that we may get sucked into the Berlin Mission. That would kind of stink because I wouldn't get to see anyone I knew from the MTC for a long time. But I heard the rumor has been going around for a while.
We played soccer again this week in about an inch of snow. It was real fun but slippery. Last P-day we had a bunch of companionship's come to Jena and we played football. That was really fun except I ended up losing one of my name tags.
Soccer with the Germans.
Well all is going well I hope all is going good back home it sure sounds like it is.

Love you all!

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