Tuesday, January 27, 2015

December 17th, 2014

Hey family! I have been getting the dear elders letters! They print them off and we check the mail every day after dinner.  Yes, I saw that Sara had stalked me. The funny thing is that that was not my companion it was another guy who looks like Hayden Summers. He is cool he likes to snowboard.  None of my roommates have ever snow machined. They all say they want to try it, however. 
Me pointing to Germany on the world map.

 I live in a room with Elder Peter Neary, Elder Jordan Watts, and Elder Peter Hatch. So if you want to Facebook stalk them you can. They are all pretty cool kids. My roommates are form Illinois, Utah and Michigan.   I ran into Emily going to a devotional. I have seen three people I know. Emily and FHE sister from college and a girl from an english class in college. If you could send me some Swiss cookies that would be awesome.  If you want to send me more pictures that would be awesome too. Love you guys.

Love Devin

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