Tuesday, January 27, 2015

December 10,2014

Hey Guys! The MTC is good.  The days are really long because all we do is study and eat. The food here is pretty good. I know how to say a prayer and bear my testimony in German now. Class is a bit rough because my teachers have only spoken German from day one. I can make out some very simple sentences, but I still need to learn a lot of the filler words.
Me and my MTC companion Elder Peter Neary

Tell Andy Nye that I saw Emily here at the MTC. She just left yesterday but it was cool that I got to see her before she left. I thought it was funny that the only people I have recognized here are three girls. I don’t know any guys here. My companion is Elder Peter Neary. He is real nice.  All the other people in my district are pretty cool too. I have been playing volleyball mostly for exercise. You guys should send me dear elder letters. They are really nice to get. Anyway, all is pretty good here. We are going to the temple later today. 

I love you guys,

Love, Devin

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