Tuesday, January 27, 2015

December 24th, 2014

Hey Family Merry Christmas! 

The MTC is pretty good. I get to call home at 4:45 pm tomorrow for a half hour is all, and no it is not Skype. It snowed here a little bit but it is all gone now. To answer Abby’s question about the language, they don’t really teach you the language, they more teach you how to teach the gospel and you have to pick the language up for yourself it feels like. I met some kids going to Korea the other day and I hear kids saying komsamnida all the time. (I know I butchered the spelling). 

So my schedule is basically wake up at 6:30am shower, then its study time from 7-8 and then breakfast for 30 min, then class until lunch which is at 12:50 pm and then class again. We then have dinner at 5:45 pm, then class till 9:30 pm and then bed at 10:30pm. That is pretty much it. On Tuesdays we have devotional instead of class for the last class session, and Wednesdays are P-days with class after dinner, and Sundays we have no class at all. haha. 

I don’t know if I can use Dropbox but I can send pictures. I just haven’t really taken any.
I got everyone’s Christmas packages. Thanks so much it has made Christmas feel a lot better. 

If you’re able to watch MTC devotionals you can watch the one from yesterday and see me and my companion on the stand. He had to say the prayer so we got nice seats on the stage. haha. 

Christmas Tree made out of boxes, ties, bottles etc.

Grandpa sent me big scoops in his package.  The kind I got that one time on our drive up the Alcan Highway. It was great getting them. If you could send me my chicken sweater that would be awesome. 

Well hope all is going well I will talk to you tomorrow and I think I will be able to write again before I call. You best be ready for my phone call. 

Bye everyone Love you lots!


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