Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 7th, 2015

Hey guys,
 All is going good! We got our travel plans and we fly to Chicago and then to Frankfurt. I leave on Tuesday the 13th of January at 10:45 am.  It’s only an 8 hour flight from Chicago to Frankfurt so that shouldn’t be hard at all. My flight is United Airlines flight 6466 to Chicago and then United Airlines flight 907 to Frankfurt. I am giving these to you in case you want to watch me fly over on the internet. That’s crazy that Dillan is already leaving, and since when was his first name Jeremiah? The Language is going pretty good I defiantly don’t fell ready to speak to Germans though. I have quite a few friends here. I got to know the whole zone pretty well and we share a floor with Italians. The food was pretty good the first few weeks but it is getting pretty old now. It’s the same things each week.  I hope you all can come over to Germany too, and Abby I was going to take the rock wall class in middle school but they ran out of spots. I sure hope you get in you would love it.
The whole Zone

All is going good. I am glad Sara and Adam are coming up that’s so cool. Well I hope all goes well I will call you from the airport. We got calling cards and are allowed to call home, so be ready. I think we have a 3 hour layover so I will be able to chat for a while. I guess the next time I will be writing you from Germany. Crazy! Don’t worry dad I will get a picture with the board on the way to lunch right now and try to send it later today. 

Love you all.  Keep working hard and doing well in school (Abby) and make sure to read the scriptures every night. ! Love you

Devin Kenley

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