Monday, February 9, 2015

February 2, 2015

Hey Everyone!
It sounds like your having a blast snowmachining and what not. Oh the Seahawks! I bet they are mad that they lost the football game. There is a kid here that is crazy about football and I am sure we will here all about it tonight at FHE.
It’s been about 32 degrees F here in Jena, so it’s a little cold but not bad. Yes, the stair step looking building is our building and it’s nice because we have the train right there and we can just get on that to go do doors. It’s nice not having to walk many places.
Well Hannah said she was sick this week so we didn't get to meet with her.  Also, we have a very interesting new convert named Gustavo from Colombia. He hangs out at McDonalds all the time with these 17 year old kids. He is a very interesting guy.
We found a lady from Argentina (I think). Her name is Pricilla and she said she would meet with us again too. Also, we were in the church, after church, making flyers for our English class that we teach and a guy and his two kids walked in and he said he was coming to church next week with his family. It was crazy cool. So I hope they all pan out. All is going good we have just been knocking doors and it’s a little weird but fun. Yes, I did a door all by myself. I did just the beginning and then Elder Anderson helped me out. They all talk so fast here and there are still a TON of words I don’t know. German is a hard language.
I just got an email from Grandpa and Grandma and its 1 am there. haha.  Anyways, sounds like everyone is doing well. We are going to play football after this so I once again forgot to bring my camera but that’s ok because I didn’t take too many more pictures this week. I will make sure to take more next week and send them all in the drop box again.
Devin and other Elders playing soccer.  None of the Germans
wanted to play because it had snowed. It didn't stop these guys.
I didn't hear about the east coast getting a lot of snow. We don’t get much real world news so I had not heard about all the East Coast storms. We have zero snow here in Jena. It will start snowing super hard for a minute or two and then go to sunshine. It does that about two to three times a day.
We had nine people in our ward this past Sunday not including the missionaries. In second hour we had me, Elder Anderson, a guy named Renne, some stake guy and the teacher. It was weird having only four people in class.  
I went on my first spilt this week. I got to go to Weimar with Elder Robbinet. He is a nice kid. Weimar kind of stunk.  We tried talking to a few people and they all just kept walking and said no.  Not even nice enough to stop and say no thank you.
McDonald’s does taste the same except there Sprite is a little different and there ketchup is kind of gross. We walked through there the other day looking for Gustavo and some kid called us some not so nice names. He is lucky I didn’t understand him. haha It amazes me how rude some people can be. Well I don’t have to much more to write about. All is going well,
Love Devin

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