Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hey Everyone,

The Polar plunge sounds awesome! I loved the videos and pictures you sent me. The one of the guy who could hardly swim was hilarious!  Dad sent me the video of the guy in the cape. That was funny!  I miss Red Robin. We ate at a sports bar the other day with Gustavo and it reminded me of Red Robin. That stinks that no one has gone snow machining.

How does Mosiah 1:7 sound as my favorite scripture? That sad that the Nye’s got released as sport coaches. They are awesome and the best!  Today for our p-day, we are going to Gera to play soccer. Gera is right next to Jena. It has been pretty warm here lately. It only snowed once but I am not sure if that is weird or not.
Playing soccer with guys in the Zone

 The mission is not really what I expected. In Alaska they don’t really do doors or anything. Here in Jena, we have been trying to make friends and do doors a lot. We have our English class so we can make friends there and then we try and teach them if they are interested. Basically, you just try to befriend people. We might start up a soccer day where we invite everyone to play soccer and try to find people that way. My companion called it sport contacting and said his trainer had two people baptized from doing sport contacting. It is weird doing missionary work at first but it is good and I love it. I would say the worst part so far was all the time I spent just sitting in the MTC. The best part though is meeting new people (especially the crazy's) and showing people how much better their life can be with the Gospel. 

Well all has been going good this week. Hannah has been busy still and that family never showed up to church which is a bummer. Not too much has happened. We helped a member from China move to a different apartment building. We got a new old couple in our ward and they are pretty cool. So now we have a Branch President now. We did try meeting with one lady we gave a heart to and she was a bit crazy. We went to her place and rang her door and she didn't answer so we called her back and she said come back in an
hour.  We did go back and she was there and said come by in 30 min. So, we came back by and she looked through her peep hole and said go away because there was two of us. She said we could try later with just one of us. That was really annoying because we waited around for an hour and a half and then she told us to leave. We went back a day later and I waited around the corner and Elder Anderson went to talk with her and she told him to come in but he couldn't because I needed to be there and so she wouldn't take a Book of Mormon or anything and told him to leave. He thinks she may have been Russian. Sound familiar Adam? Anyways not much else happened this week.  

Love you all Devin.
Got stuck in an elevator for over an hour.

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