Friday, March 13, 2015

March 3, 2015

Hey Family,

Germany was good this week. Yes, I am in what used to be East Germany. I have found out some history in this area.  I went to Weimar and that has some crazy history. I saw some of the Berlin wall there while driving by on a bus, and I found out it was one of Hitler’s favorite towns. I am not sure why, but there isn’t much here. We live in the first hochhous in Germany. It used to be Carl Zeiss headquarters. He is a famous German guy who invented lenses for cameras and telescopes. Our whole branch is only 13 people. We have about that show up. We just got a new older couple and he was just made the new branch president.

We spent most of the week knocking doors and some of the time we have studies and institute and English class and family home evening and church. We also have another meeting on Friday.  We spent this morning doing service.  Our service today was helping these people at elementary school move stuff from floor one to the second floor. We had to move a safe and the door alone weighed 50 kilos. I weigh about 55 kilos. It was a heavy safe.

No Hannah or Priscilla this week. They have both been busy. We thought Priscilla might show up to church but she didn’t.  That family that showed up at church has never gotten in contact with us. We need to try calling them again.  We met with a guy named Farooq (he is from Pakistan) but that was about it. It has been pretty slow. A lot of appointments fall out which kind of stinks.  I have noticed that I can understand a lot more than I could before though. Although there are lots of phrases I still don’t understand. They say ganz genau a lot which means whole and exactly. Not sure what both words mean together however.
Someone's house was on fire

I bet Hawaii is nice right now.  I hope you have fun.  We heard you can get tickets round trip to Hawaii for about $400 from here. I don’t know if I entirely believe that rumor.  My companion and I joke about sending our mission president a picture from Hawaii and tell him we have found a few new investigators there.
I have not been on the Autobahn yet. I have only been in a car 3 times since I got here to Germany. The Autobahn just means highway, and there are certain sections of highway with no speed limit.
Well I have to go soon. I have been here in the library a long time now. I will try to remember to take more pictures next week. I don’t do a good job at taking a lot. And we don’t have any castles close to us but I will take a picture of the one just down the street. It is just a wall and a tower.  Other than that we have none. Well have a good time in Hawaii everyone and be safe!!!


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