Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 15, 2015

Hey everyone,
Hey I am glad you got back from Hawaii okay!  That stinks the weather was bad.  This week has been pretty good.   Last week for P-day we played soccer and Gustavo showed up and he was schooling us all.  It must have been his Colombian genes.  The food we get most often is usually Wiener schnitzel. It is just how you described but its pork not veal.  Everyone here in Germany seems to like hatchbacks vehicles. I don’t know why.  I have been practicing my German still but it’s a tough language. You have to remember der, die or das for almost every word.
I have emailed Joe Gray a few times and he says the language is coming along okay. He sent me a picture of Brazil and it looked crazy. He was actually really close to where Sadie was when she was there, and when I say really close I mean Argentina touched Sao Paulo. And Joe is in Sao Paulo south so I think they were close.
Balloon over Jena
We haven’t been knocking too many doors lately. We have stuff going on almost every day and then we have meetings with people. We have a washer and dryer in our place. I forgot to take a picture of our bathroom for you the washer is right in front of the toilet so it is hard to sit on the toilet without hitting your knees on the washer. We haven’t had any more service opportunities yet. I guess you have to register to something and our ward mission leader is the one on that. It was a lot easier to take pictures with my phone, but don’t worry I will try my hardest to take some more this week.
Hey Abby that’s awesome you got to feed a turtle. I am jealous. We eat frozen lasagna a lot and spaghetti. I have a few more stories I will share at the end of the email.
So, the picture of the guy on Skype I think I told you about earlier. I Skyped him in the MTC and he came down and bought me and Elder Anderson lunch. He is a interesting dude and he has met almost all the missionaries here. 
So last Monday we played soccer with Gustavo and for a 47 year old man. He was pretty quick and making us all look like fools. Later in the week he was teaching us German and he told us we could use his book to learn. Haha He is the craziest guy.
Later in the week we met with a guy named Farooq who is a Pakistani from our English class. We gave him a lesson and then played Uno for a bit. He was getting super mad at me for giving him draw four cards. We also got him to come to church. He said he liked it and when we were in the class after church we were introducing ourselves and he said hi my name is Farooq and I am from Pakistan and I am studying at the university and I am single. And then The girl next to him was introducing herself and he chimed in and said "Are you single?" It was hilarious and the best part was she had her boyfriend sitting next to her and she never said No. haha. Farooq is an awesome guy.
We also went to the older couple’s house with Farooq for dinner on Sunday evening. That was good. We had homemade pizza and banana splits after.
Well I have no time left so I will write next week!


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