Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 9th 2015

Hey Guys!

How is everyone?  Germany has been good. We got some bikes so we can get around and get exercise. It’s been really fun. I don’t know how I am going to do that come summer because it is going to be a million degrees! I think we have zone conference every transfer which is about every six weeks. Last zone conference was here and I think the next is in Erfurt which is a little west of here. I hear we are going to Erfurt for conference. The mission isn’t too bad here. It’s all about attitude to get people interested. We learned that in the MTC. Most challenging is getting people to church or to other activities. They all say their coming and then they don’t show up. Hannah has been busy and Pricilla and Farooq are out of town.  We haven’t got the sport contacting going yet. We haven’t had much time to talk to the buro office. 

Hochhaus mean high house, not high as in drugs but high as in tall. haha. There is lots of good food here, I really like schnitzel. (A very thin, breaded and deep fried schnitzel made from veal). I haven’t had any really gross food here, but I still don’t like vegetables. We went to an American sports bar the other day with Gustavo and that was the closest we got to a real American meal. I had ribs.
Me writing you a letter from the library.

Most of the people here are great. Some people are friendly until they figure out we are missionaries others are friendly most the time and some don’t talk to us at all. They just say kein interessant and keep walking. I like how different it is here from America but at the same time I miss America.

 The only wildlife I have seen here are ducks. They are in all the rivers. It’s getting a little warmer here and yes my German is getting better. I can understand some conversations. Not every word but I can catch key words and understand what is going on. I don’t know if Germany has daylight savings here. If they do I haven’t heard anything about it. They have some pretty strange art. There is giant heaps of trash in this square and they say it is art.

Well I may have forgotten my camera at home because we are going to play soccer after this but I promise I will take some pictures and send them next week.

Love you all Bye!!!


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