Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

Hey Family!
Sorry I forgot to answer your Questions. I forget because your emails get really long and it takes me forever to read them. Anyways, I have gotten a few video clips. The one of the fireworks and one of you guys at the cabin a few weeks ago.  There are four of us missionaries in Jena and then there are 6 in our District. The two from Weimar are in our District.
Snow Storm in Jena

70 mph wind gusts in Palmer… that’s crazy! I kind of of miss those super windy days believe it or not.  That’s funny that you keep checking out Elder Anderson’s blog. The funny thing about that picture of us playing soccer is that we took it and then someone noticed on the wall in the back someone had spray painted a bad word in English on it. I think one of the Elder’s mom must have photo shopped it out because there is just that big empty brown space on the wall now. haha.
My Companion used to be in Nuremberg. I think I may be here in Jena for a while but I am not sure. Maybe grandpa and grandma can call my mission president and see if they can come and say hi when they are here in Germany.
No Mario and his family didn’t show up, and we have had no luck talking to Hannah again. We have found a Brazilian lady named Pracilla who has meet with us. We brought Gustavo with us and we had a good time. I think we are going back this week to meet with her again.
The other day we went to this place to do doors and the door was locked but a pizza man was coming so we figured we could just get in behind him. He got in and then shut the door behind him real quick so we couldn’t get in. So, we tried going to the next building because there are fire escapes that we could crawl through to get into the other building. At the next building, we ran into a lady whose door we knocked on earlier that week and she wouldn’t let us in at first but she finally did and then we went to the next building through the fire escape. Elder Anderson was looking out the window and said he saw a cop car pull up. It wasn’t illegal for us to do doors but we figured we didn’t want to cause a scene so we went out the back door and got on a train.
In English classes we have played Pictionary and Catch phrase. All the people who show up know English pretty well already so we haven’t really taught a real class.
A big parade for the soccer game.
Yes Abby, I have tried German Chocolate. It is super good. They have all sorts of different kinds. I just had a s’mores chocolate the other day.  Well all is going well here in Germany.
Love Devin

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