Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 27, 2015

Hey Family!

This week was exciting. We went to an old ladies house and gave her a lesson. It was fun. Then I went on a spilt to Dortmond and I got to teach another old lady. That went really well. I got to teach about the Restoration. Then we went to this member’s house and her two twelve year old granddaughters were there. They reminded me of Abby except they both had phones and spoke German. haha. We told them the story of Ether.
Carnival at Erfurt
The next morning we went and helped this guy clean out his house because he is moving and we had to clean out his basement. There was a bunch of old stuff and I found magazines from the 1960's. There was one with the Beattle’s on it. Then I went back to Hagen and we did some finding.

On Friday we got to go to Frankfurt and hear from Elder Bednar! It was awesome. He did a question answer type thing and it was great. I think it was probably the best church meeting I have ever been to. It was about 5 hours long but it was really good. I got some pictures of the ride home but not too many sorry.
On our way home from Frankfurt from hearing Elder Bednar

Well I am glad you all had fun in Valdez! That burger place sounds good. Man I miss burgers. I haven’t had a real burger in a long time. Take some videos if you guys do a polar plunge at the lake! I bet Grandpa Fred will do it! haha
That’s funny that Sara broke through the ice and fell in Long Lake. She should have just gone swimming. I know we are going to be able to Skype on Mother’s Day. I am not sure of the time it is probably going to be after church my time probably around 1 or 2 pm here. I can’t wait!

They do feed us sparkly water here a lot.  A funny story about sparkly water… We went to an Asian restaurant and I ordered water trying to save money and Elder Anderson (this was back in Jena) got a apfelshorle (which is basically apple juice with carbonation) and his glass was bigger.  My glass was sparkly water and it cost almost a euro more. I was so mad.
In Erfurt
Good Job Abby on your basketball game! I am glad you guys did so well! That’s also cool you got a new receiver for the basement. You’re going to need to watch a movie for your birthday mom! Tell Jared he needs to have his lawn finished at least by the time I get home… or else! I have not heard anything about the Earthquake in Napal. That is so sad. I hope they recover okay.  
We haven’t played much soccer here because the zone is so spread out. We never even see other missionaries on P-day. I think there is one castle kind of close. We will have to check it out!
Hey Abby! Germany is good the language is coming along. Funky thing I have eaten lately is sauerkraut.  It was alright but still not my favorite. Haha no you heard right I have been eating lots of vegetables. More than you!
Sounds like you had a good time in Valdez! I am glad you made it on Varsity track team Abby that’s awesome! I did high jump and the 100meter in track.
Well I love you all so much! Can’t wait for Mothers Day! Have a good week!
Panorama of Erfurt

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