Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30, 2015

Hey Family,

How are things going?  Yes I have heard about the plane crash in France. It was all over the news here. Yes, my companion has 10 days left here with me. I find out who my next companion is this Saturday. I gave my talk in German. I did it in short simple sentences. When I talk to Gustavo, I mostly try to speak German. He knows German and Spanish and a little bit of English. But yeah it’s hard to communicate sometimes.
Missionaries and Farooq at the Buchenwald Concentration camp

Farooq likes talking about the Gospel and was really absorbing it, but he just left the other day to Stuttgart. It was sad to say goodbye to him. He was so funny. He makes us laugh every time we are with him. We hung out a lot with Farooq this week trying to teach him as much as we could before he left. Meeting with him was the highlight of our days. I miss him and am sad he is gone but he says he has family in Alaska and will visit sometime. 

We have not met with Pricilla or Hannah this week; they are busy which is kind of a bummer. The family that showed up to church, we haven’t heard from since that day they showed up at the church which is sad.

We haven’t met too many new people although last week we met a guy doing a service project and Elder Anderson said he is the creator of YO Stickers. Those are just stickers that say YO on them and they are all over light poles here. 

The language isn’t bad.  I can understand what people are saying some of the time. I got to talk to two ladies at church yesterday and I understood them somewhat. 

We bike here a lot and it’s really nice for staying in shape and getting around. You found a dead moose on your bike ride Abby? Gross! That’s sad that Jib died and the Peters cats.
Buchenwald Concentration Camp

Anyways this week was good.  We went to Buchenwald Concentration Camp in Weimar with our Mission President. It was a really interesting place. Most of the barracks where people slept were broken down but the camp was huge. It made the Holocaust much more real actually seeing the place where it took place. We had a good time. We also got to go to Nürnberg for Zone conference I think I might have already told you that, but it was good.  At Zone Conference we learned about health, being obedient and we got to watch “Meet the Mormons”. I guess it was the first time anyone out here had seen it. I got to see a few people I knew from the MTC too. 

Not to much more happened this week just the usual FHE Institute.   We didn’t have English class because we were in Nürnberg. Well I will put some pictures in drop box but I had better get off and let Elder Anderson on the computer! 

Love you all so much,


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