Wednesday, January 20, 2016

August 3,2015

Hey family!

 I am staying in Hagen and getting a new companion.  His name is Elder Freeland and hopefully he is cool.  Last Monday, we went and played a little basketball in Dortmund with some other Elders. It was pretty fun. On Tuesday I don't remember what we did and I don’t have my old planner with me. This week was pretty good. We haven't had too many lessons but I did go to Dortmund on a split and we had a member appointment. It was a fun time. On Friday night we went to Unna for the transfer call and I made some doughnuts like we used to do at home. We even had lemon juice and powder sugar glaze. They were way good.  This week we went to visit an old lady named Sister Shulta in our ward she is super funny and is in love with me. She is probably about 100 years old. It super funny when we try and share a message with her. She always interrupts and talks about what she wants to talk about. It's super fun at her house though. Also, we had two investigators randomly show up at church. That was way cool.

We haven't had time to go back out to the Italian guy because he lives to far. But we will for sure go by this week.  There is a girl that the Elders in Padderborn are teaching and she is studying theology and she said she doesn't really want to change churches because if she does she can't be a theology teacher. It's funny though because you think if someone really has a testimony they will give up anything.

Well love you all and don't forget to read your scriptures! .  Have a good week!


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