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August 10, 2015

Hey Family,

Wow sounds like you all had a pretty crazy week! Well here was mine. 

So last Monday we did emails and then caught a bus to the Kleiner’ts for lunch. We went and had lunch with them and then did shopping and then did some studies and Elder Frickey got packed to leave to Mainz. 

Tuesday we went to Lüdenscheid to go by on the stake president so Elder Frickey could say goodbye. When we got there it was just his wife and son so we shared a quick scripture and she said we could go see if we can find him at work. He works at a hospital. We found him and he was surprised and super happy as always. He is such a funny dude. He gave us a ride to a park and ride place and we waited for a member to come and pick us up there because we had a dinner appointment with them. So then we went to the Langner’s for dinner (The families house that I skyped from) It was fun. We ate a normal German meal of bread cheese and a plate of sausage. Then they brought us home and we went to bed. 

On Wednesday we were supposed to meet Alli but he was a no show, and then we met with the Hiemer family and had dinner and then we went home.  Brother Kramer picked us up, got us a shake from Burger King and then we went to Dortmund. Elder Frickey was staying the night there because they left at 7 in the morning, and I got a kid from Utah named Elder Awerkamp and we came back to Hagen. 

Thursday we worked at soup kitchen and then we did studies and then went to Dortmund again to get our new companions. We waited around for about two hours because they were stuck in traffic and then I got my new companion Elder Freeland and then we went back to Hagen ate dinner and he got moved in. 

On Friday we met up with Norman, a YSA guy, and we went by on an inactive guy his age. He didn't answer but we went by on a few more people with him and we stopped in at his great aunts house and gave her a quick lesson and then came home weekly planned and ate dinner.

Saturday we went by on a few members and shared some quick spiritual thoughts with them and did some contacting between members. It was fun and Elder Freeland got to meet some ward members before church. We had Brother Kramer with us and ate dinner with him. It was all good.

 Sunday we went to church and had to teach Elders Quorum. I think we did pretty well. After that we went to a members house ate chili and then left them with a spiritual thought. So all in all we had a lot of member appointments this week but not so many with investigators. Today we are going boating with a member. I guess it's on a big ship she said. So it's allowed if it's public. Should be fun. Don't worry I will take lots of pictures. 

Sounds like you guys were quite busy with the family reunion. Sounds like you had a blast though. Haha Kenly…  I can't believe they messed the shirts up by spelling our name wrong. At least they fixed them extremely fast. Wow 60 people were at the reunion. That's nuts. I thought dad didn't like big crowds. Sorry I have been so bad at taking pictures. Nothing too new has happened in the past couple weeks so I don't remember to take pictures. My new comp is from Georgia and is one transfer younger than me. But he is 21. He is awesome.  He is very inspiring.  He took three years of German in school so he has pretty good German. He is awesome though. I feel like we will do well his transfer.

Israel and Christi didn't show up to church this week. We haven't been able to get to the Italian guy yet because he lives so far away. We are trying though. 

Well I love you all! 


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