Wednesday, December 9, 2015

July 27, 2015

Dear Family,

This week was good. Monday we went by on all of our referrals because we had taken P-day on Saturday to go to the Temple. None of the referrals answered the door but better luck next time I guess. Then we went to the Kleinert’s and had dinner and met with Sister Altmeyer. We talked about families and it went okay.

On Tuesday we went and started dooring a street next to the Langner’s because sister Langner told us a former member lived there. We went to the end of the street rang the first bell and some guy let us in and told us that he was cooking and that we could come back later. We realized after we left that we had met this guy on a bus. He spoke English with us. He seemed pretty cool so hopefully we can go back and meet with him today or something. We had a lesson with Eve again and it went pretty well. We taught about the Ten Commandments and fasting and tithing. Then we had gemiko.  I don’t remember what it’s called in English but we meet with the ward mission leader during that time. After that we had English class and then went by on a former investigator who didn’t answer and then we had dinner. 

On Wednesday we had District meeting and then I went on a split to Unna. It was pretty good.   I went with a Golden (brand new missionary).  We did some contacting and did some studies and then we had dinner. It was a fun split. Thursday we did studies and then we split back. After that we had institute and we got our guy Alli to come. It was fun we had a good class about being obedient and then had giant pancakes.
Castle on the way to Frankfurt

Then on Friday we did studies, weekly planning and then we went to Kierspe.  It is a small little city south of us. The Italian guy we met a while back lives out there so we went by on him. He was sitting outside his store and invited us in. He told us that he had read over a 100 pages in the Book of Mormon. We gave him the first lesson and he seemed to like it. I don’t know if he understands the best but he told us he knows the Book of Mormon is from God. We tried making an appointment for another time but he said no. He said come back anytime my house is yours. He is a cool dude. So hopefully we can go back next Friday. 

On Saturday we went to Iserlohn and had an appointment with a lady. Brother Kramer came too. It was really good and we talked about Temples. She is a cool lady. She isn’t a member yet but she goes to institute and helps cook and comes to church a lot. Then we were supposed to go to Kramer’s but he wasn’t feeling so good. So he bought us dinner and brought us home. He is an awesome guy. He wasn’t feeling good but he pulled through and came to our appointment anyways. 

Frankfurt Temple
Sunday we went to church and there were not very many people there. So after Church we went by on a few people and then went home and had dinner. 

It was a pretty good week. Today we are going to Dortmund to play basketball. It should be a fun day. The guy we gave the church tour to, came to church with his friend once and the guy from L├╝denscheid told us we could come back on any Friday and give him a lesson. I think we are going back this Friday. The Niggemeyers said they would come to church in a few weeks and we can meet then. 

Well I am glad all is going good with you guys. Glad you caught at least some fish. We still have a ton from last year right? haha how was the ward party. It sounds like it went well.

Abby, how was Seldovia? It sounds like you had a wonderful time out there. I am doing great.  Man I miss slushies. I haven’t had one in forever and I haven’t seen any here.
Thanks so much. You guys are the best. I love you and miss you! Can’t wait to skype again! 

Love, Devin
Scenery on the way to Frankfurt

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