Sunday, November 15, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hey Family,

So this week was great. On Monday we went to Dortmund and walked around the mall and I got a cool new tie. Then after that I went on a split with Elder Crittenden in Paderborn. It was the usual 2 hour train ride out there. When we got out there, we went and helped a member do his home teaching. That was pretty good we talked about pioneers. Afterwards, we went and had dinner and then went to bed. On Tuesday we biked to the University of Paderborn and talked with a potential investigator they had found. We gave her the first lesson and a Book of Mormon. She is taking a theology class and I think she might be interested. She gave us her number and said she would like to meet again, so yeah that was cool. We went and did some doors after that, which was pretty fun. We did college doors, those are the best. We found a guy that couldn’t speak too much German. He is Korean. haha he told us he had no interest but I said komsamnida and onyounghashimnika and he told me how to say good bye but I forget what it is.

Later in the day we went and met with their homeless member in the park. He is a real funny guy and we talked to him about pioneers also. I think it’s the home teaching message this month. Then we went and bought chalk and yes we drew the plan of salvations in the park on a bridge and just in another park on the side walk. It was really fun and hopefully someone goes to because of it. After the park, we went and met with another member that is in Paderborn. We read the scriptures with him and he gave us coke and watermelon. I guess it’s what they always do. haha It was fun. 

Wednesday, we got up did personal study and then got on a train to go back to Hagen. We had district meetings and then went and got another Dönner. It was pretty good. We also went to a members house later in the evening for dinner and had ice cream and a good time. Their family just had a son leave on a mission. He went to the Alpine Germany mission. It is part of Germany and Switzerland.
Raw meat and onion donner.

On Thursday, we went to the soup kitchen and Elder Frickey met a guy in the park the day before and we were going to give him a Book of Mormon but he never showed up. After that, we did our studies and then went to a member’s house for dinner. It was Brother Kramer’s son’s house. We had Chinese food and had a good time. We taught him about Alma the younger and how his father was a good example to him. It was a good lesson. 

Friday, we went to Ludenscheid to talk with Draheim. We walked in the door and he said nicht heute. That means not today, so he told us to come back in two weeks. That was the first part to our crappy day. Afterwards, we went and got lunch and I bought a burrito that was way over priced and small. The guy said it was the same as lasagna so I thought it was going to be huge. Then we went to get ice cream while we waiting for a guy and I ordered a cookies milkshake. Somehow, the waitress thought I said a giant glass of milk, I guess, so that’s what I got and to top it off she asked if I wanted whip cream so I naturally said yes. Turns out it cost 70 cents and was really gross. So that kind of made me mad. Then our English class guy named Kassen fell out he never called us back. So we went back home and did weekly planning. Not the most effective day. Elder Frickey thinks it’s hilarious though that I got a huge glass of milk with whipped cream. haha. It was about 3 euro too. 

On Saturday Bro Kramer, being as awesome as he is, took us to the Temple! So today we are only doing emails because that was technically half our P-day. It was awesome though. Everything was in German and super crazy. I wish we could go through when you guys come and get me but it’s going to be closed for 2 years in September. It was a pretty good time. Brother Kramer reminded me of Jared’s dad. While in the session he started asking people if they wanted mints and he asked the Temple worker guy too. It was so funny. Before that, when we were in the changing room, he started asking people if they wanted gum. haha He is awesome. So yeah Saturday was awesome.
Frankfurt Temple

Sunday was a good day. We went to church and there were two Australian girls there so it was good to have some English speakers. Their dad was a missionary here in Hagen a long time ago and so they were visiting with their dad. After church, we went to the Langner’s and had dinner. They had mashed potatoes and just straight liquid butter to dump on top, sour kraut and frikidelen. Basically meat ball things. It was really good, and then we had a lesson with Eve. I think it went pretty well.  We taught about the Prophet and the word of wisdom. After our lesson with Eve, we went to visit a family whose name we found on our GPS last week. We had made an appointment with them and their names are the Niggemeyers.  They had told us to come back Sunday evening so we did and they actually called us to make sure we were coming. I thought it was amazing. So we got there and they had thier 3 kids and their grandparents there. I thought it was going to be super awkward, I don’t like big groups, but it was their son’s birthday so they gave us cake and offered us coffee but we had water. haha Anyways, They all speak super good English and the dad had lived in Utah for a while on an exchange program that he did in the USA.  We talked to them about the church and they said it sounded much better than their church so they said they would have to come and check it out. Hopefully they come and visit church and feel the spirit. They also said that they would talk to their children’s teacher and have us come to the class and teach a bit about what we believe to the class during their world religion study time. So yeah the Niggemeyers are legit. 

So today, we are going by on two referrals we were given. So hopefully that pans out.
It sounds like you all had a good time at the old timer’s thing.  I wish I was there to hear about the history and all that. I like hearing about the history of the Valley. About the whole senior companion thing, they actually said the other day that there are no senior or junior companions anymore. I hope I can train soon I think that would be cool. I heard from Dillon that he has a companion from Nikiski. I have not seen too many castles lately. I think I sent a picture of one way off in the distance I have two more weeks and then we find out if we leave or stay. That’s cool that you are taking care of a dog now Abby.  You are the dog whisperer! (Hund Flusterer) That’s German for dog whisperer. I think I spelled it right. Have fun with Annie out in Seldovia! Yes Abby, your German is right! Du bist ein profi! Viel spaß und habe eine gute woche! 
The ride to Frankfurt

Love you all! 


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