Monday, July 20, 2015

June 29, 2105

Hey guys! 

This week was good we went to the Kleinert’s again on Monday and had dinner which was meat balls and potatoes. Then we went and taught a new member the 5th lesson. It was fun and good. We have taught the lady a few times and when I showed up she asked if I was new :( ,but it was all good. Tuesday, we went to a town called Kierspe again to give the Italian dude we talked to last week a Book of Mormon. He was playing a card game with his friends and acted like he had no time. After that, we went back shared a spiritual thought at young men and  young women’s and then grilled with them. They had some darn good bratwursts and things called fackeln. They are delicious. Then on Wednesday, we went and taught a lesson to the lady who can’t read or speak much German. She is from Romania I think and she speaks Hungarian. Then we did some doors with no success. But it was fun. 

Thursday we went to soup kitchen. It was good. What we normally do is get there around 8:30am and cut up meat that she has and then it goes into a soup later. Then we clean and sort vegetables and bread. They have big hard German bread and throw it in plastic crates to hand out. Then we have breakfast with everyone and then it is around 11:30am and we let the big crazy crowd of homeless people in. I go around and give them coffee and water and soup sometimes. They get really impatient sometimes, which is annoying because they are getting free food, but there are some really nice people.  After the soup kitchen, we had an appointment with an investigator but he wasn’t at home. It was funny, we were walking around the city center and we saw him and he was talking to someone so we walked down the street where he lives and pretended to look at stuff in a shop and then popped out when he was walking down the street and caught him. It was a sneak attack haha. Then we went home teaching with a guy from our ward.
Elder Frickey and our Mini Missionary
On Friday, we cleaned our apartment because we have a mini missionary.  He got here Sunday and is staying until Saturday! He is sixteen and from Mühlheim.  On Friday, we also had a street display. It went well. Not too many people from the ward showed up but it was good. I passed out a few Book of Mormon’s and balloons that say "Ich bin ein kind Gottes" which means I am a child of God. We did that from 10am till 1pm and then went to Bro Kramer’s and helped his son move apartments. We helped him until 10:30pm at night. It was a long day but really fun. I had to carry a fridge down these crazy German stairs. When they turn the corner the stair is big on the outside and small on the inside, like Kenny and Karen’s old spiral stair case. Then we went to church.  Elder Frickey gave a talk and then we went to Kramer’s for lunch. We had a bunch of meat and I was so stuffed. Then we went to Dortmund to get our mini missionary. So the end of this week has been a little crazy but it is good. The castle from last week was in Altena. It is apparently really old and is closed on Mondays. So we may go visit it sometime on another day. Bro Kramer said that he would take us to the Temple next month! I am super excited! It is closing in September for 2 years which stinks. If you guys can pick me up we wouldn’t be able to go through. :( 
Brother Kramer
That’s cool that the less active guy you know is allowing Brother Richardson to come over. I wish it didn’t take him almost dying to realize the church is true. I guess it is hard sometimes though. We did not hear back from the guy we gave the restoration pamphlet too. We went by but no one answered the door. The soup kitchen is good.  The main lady always asks if we have converted anyone yet and I told her 1,000 this week. She didn’t believe me... haha. 

I am here for another six weeks with Elder Frickey. That’s going to be 17 weeks together. Haha...  We have a family in the ward and their son just left on a mission a few weeks ago to the Alpine mission. That is southern Germany and Switzerland. They are a cool family and super nice. We went there for dinner and they gave us a bunch of ice cream. I have a picture of Brother Kramer and his son and I can send it in another email with the Ipad.

All is going good the language is coming along okay. It’s tough learning a new language. I haven’t eaten anything too strange lately. I can’t believe I am almost 7 months done!?! Well have a good week I love you all so much and if you want to send me a package with American food and other neat things, I wouldn’t say no! I am sending you guys one soon! I have it all wrapped up and ready to send! 

Well Love you all! 


Panoramic of our apartment

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