Saturday, July 18, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hey Family, 

This week has been good. On Monday we went to the Kleinert’s and had dinner and then a lesson. We got home around 8 pm, so we decided to go by on a past investigator and we met him at his door so he invited us in and we got to teach him a little. It was cool. I hope we can help him. 

Tuesday we had a zone conference in Dortmund. I had a good time seeing everyone and at the end we did get IPads. So yes, I am writing to you on one right now.  It was awesome seeing all my old pals from the MTC. Later that night we went on a split to Paderborn.  

Elder Homer and I went to an appointment on Wednesday with a member. She is an old lady who is just in love with us. She gave us some weird soup with bratwurst in it Haha. Then we went and contacted next to this river, I think it is called the Ruhr, and then we got some ice cream out of this sketchy van and then met back up with the other elders to split back. Elder Frickey and I spent some time walking around the college campus to find people but not a soul was there. We then made homemade mac and cheese for dinner and went to bed. 

Thursday we went to the soup kitchen again and cut meat and stuff to put into the pasta soup they were serving that day. It was fun. We went home had lunch and then our studies and then went to Brother Kramer’s because we had an appointment that we had made on Saturday. We had a bunch of meat they had grilled and we played some catch with his son. Don't worry I will try and get some pictures with them today. 

On Friday we weekly planned and then we contacted and looked for areas we could contact in the future. 

Saturday we did studies and had a lesson with the guy from Tuesday and it went pretty well. We read Alma 32 with him. I hope he keeps reading and we can help him with all his problems. 
After that, we went by on potential investigators.  We went to a member’s house from Sri Lanka. It was a good appointment but their food was a little spicy, but delicious. It was some kind of spring rolls and these weird Turkish spinach and meat things.  It was fun.

Sunday we went to church and had dinner with a member family after church. They made super good lasagna. I asked him about work and he has a worse commute than dad does. It is 5.5 hour drive to Nurnberg where grandpa and grandma where and he stays there all week and then drives back Friday night. It is crazy. I am sad I didn't get to see grandma and grandpa and Michelle. It was weird to think they were in the same country as me.  Do you know if they flew over the top of the world? I am pretty sure it was eight from Chicago for us.

Germany has not been too bad on the heat. No one here has air conditioning in their homes and not too many busses have it either. The trains do which is way nice. It hasn't been too hot here though. It's staying pretty cool. I had our English class friend try and pray in English and he said, "God heaven love" then the rest was in German haha. It was funny. Germany's been good the teacher guy never called back. When we taught the Brazilian lady it was good. Her cat was walking around everywhere and everyone was speaking German. It's still such a crazy language. I will try and take more pictures this week! To answer your questions, yes there are a ton of smokers, and Catholics and Evangelistic people. I haven't met too many atheists, however.   One thing that I think kept us a happy family is how you and mom always told us how much you loved us, even though I didn't play basketball and go to the NBA you still tell me you love me haha.  And I think that is important.  I have learned here that love is a big thing in the church. We need to show our love for others. I find it funny when we go to church here, we shake hands with almost every single member and then say goodbye to almost every single one. 

How is the Willow fire looking? Is our place and LaDaSa okay?  Hey Abby, I think my German speaking skills are getting a little better. Hallo wie geht's dir abby. Du bist ein sass Face. Haha ich hoffe du besser spüren werden. That's cool you got to talk about church with your friend. You should invite her sometime or give her a Book of Mormon.

Well that's all I have got for you. Can't wait to see you on Skye at Christmas either! 

Love you lots

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