Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey guys,

This week was good but a little slow. Not much happened. The weather here is alright. It’s warm some days and then others it’s kind of cold. I went on a split this week to Unna and got to drive around in a car with a friend (Elder Watts) from the MTC. Elder Watts and I grilled some bratwurst and bananas on our split.  We went back to Unna Saturday and did some service for some people who were just moving things up stairs. 
Elder Watts and I driving to Unna
Yes, I see the Langner’s at church all the time. I don’t know what he does for work. So I don’t know what else to tell you about the Langner’s.  I don’t really know them too well. I know they have four kids, I think. I met three of them and one is on a mission in England, that’s about all I know.

The week has been good but a little boring. No one new to our English class. The guy we invited never showed up. It’s always disappointing when they talk to you and say they will come and still don't show up. We are teaching a Mexican guy named Gerardo. He is awesome. He is already a member but it’s all good.

Grilling bratwurst and bananas in Unna
The city is good. I am meeting a few new people. The ward is pretty good. They invite us over all the time for dinner and stuff. We have a member Brother Kramer and he is real cool. I think I told you about him last week. We go over every Saturday and he is awesome. Nicest guy ever. I really like meeting people here. Some are okay but others are just amazing and super nice. Transfers are on Wednesday we got the call Saturday and everyone in our district is staying. This transfer is only a five week transfer. 

Well love you guys! 

On our way to Unna

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