Tuesday, August 2, 2016

September 13, 2015

Hey family!

Es geht mir gut und dir? Diese Woche war sehr gut! Danke. Und wie war deine Woche? 

We just had our transfer call this last week but I am staying in Hagen for another six weeks. I think the next transfer is on my birthday. So I still have some time here. We are trying to start up some new activities. We are staring soccer next Saturday for all the less active YSA kids. And maybe we will start a Family Home Evening group as well. 

But yeah, this week was good we had a few member appointments and we spent some time looking for spots to chalk the plan of salvation on the ground. We are going to have the youth do it so that should be cool. We also went around and found soccer fields.

We are trying to get better with our contacts. We were just inviting people to church and they would say they would come but no one has, so we are trying now to make out appointments and get numbers. I was talking to Brother Kramer’s wife, Lilo, about it and she was a pro. She teaches sales people at Tupperware where she works. She was too good so maybe we can get a lesson from her sometime. 

We met an Italian lady and her daughter on the street she pointed at us and said to her daughter "See I told you they’re Mormons", so we talked to them for a bit.  The daughter thought we were city people but the mom told her we were Mormons. She had only seen our backs too. It was really cool but once again, we didn't make an appointment out. She told us she would visit though. 

Oh yeah, I have to give a five minute talk next Sunday. I am kind of nervous. It's on praying to recognize through the Holy Ghost. Hopefully it goes well. It's only five minutes. I think the bishopric guy thinks I don't understand too well. I do understand more than I can say but it was super funny he asked me about three times about it and said no more than five minutes about five times and then he also sent me an email to make sure I got it. Then on Sunday he asked me if I got the email and understood it all. Haha. Yeah so if you have any pointers for me you can email me them through the week. 

Man I do miss snow. They don't get much here. The leaves are barely turning yellow also. I miss Alaskan winters. I got the pictures. Thanks for those. I sent you some more of my awful selfies.  No more engagements don't worry Haha.  The zoo we went to is in Dortmund and the castle is on the same river as the big horse statue just further west. West of Herdecke. Our area is huge and makes for tough traveling. I can get a ticket called the fun ticket for 17€ a month and it gets me everywhere and Elder Freeland can't because he is 21 so he has to pay about 14€ just to get to Iserlohn and back.

Well I love you all so much and can't wait to skype you! Have a good week and keep reading the scriptures! 


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