Wednesday, March 2, 2016

August 30, 2015

Hey family! 

This week has been exhausting.  On Monday we went to the zoo. It was alright. They have no special German animals here. Except maybe ant eaters. They had a ton of those. We went and ate with the Kleinert’s and then went out and contacted for a bit.

On Tuesday we had a split and I went to Unna. We taught a guy about the commandments and it went pretty well. He had a lot of interesting questions. But it was good. He seem to accept everything.

Wednesday we went to Lüdenscheid and we went by on a few old lady's there. We brought a member with us, who got back from his mission in Switzerland a few months ago. It was a good time. We shared Weil Er Lebt with everyone. We are trying to visit every ward member.

 Then on Thursday we did a lot of area book work and member book stuff. We were going to meet with Alli but he didn't answer. Turns out he had a lot of work and is going home for a month.

On Friday we helped a member move. This is why I am so exhausted. He lived on the fifth floor of his apartment. We had to move everything down. And when I say everything it means everything. Germans for some reason when they move take everything. Kitchen cupboards the counter with the sink….. Everything. It was a half the day. Then we had weekly planning.

On Saturday guess what we did, Yep, helped a less active move. And he lived on the 4th floor. Haha and neither of them have elevators. So yeah, after being sore from the first one we helped with the second and guess what we have going on today. Another move. Hah. I guessing she will probably be on the third floor. Haha.

Saturday was good we met with Kramer after doing our move and had steaks and cucumber salad. Kramer is the best. Then on Sunday we had church and it was really good. We had an awesome combined lesson from our bishop about all the small and simple things we need to do in our life. Like read the scriptures, going to church, have family home evening. It really is simple and then after church we did our studies and finished weekly planning.  Today,  like I said we are helping some lady in Witten move,  and then we are meeting with Kleinert’s again. 

Yes, so my week was good but exhausting. It is still pretty warm here. We are trying to contact 1000 people before the end of our transfer, but I don't know if we can quite make it. We are falling behind. It's ok though it's not about how many people we contact but how many people we help come closer to Christ. I really hope Germany gets some snow this year. The missionary works been a little slow. We haven't met the Italian guy Elder Freeland can't get a ticket. Alli is going back to Serbia for a month and we are hopefully going to meet with Manuela next week. We haven't been able to teach anyone all the lessons yet. I will have to ask my friend in the ward here if he served in any of the places you mentioned from Switzerland.

Well I got to run and go help this lady move. Hope all you have a good week I will try and put some pictures of the zoo on a little later. Maybe during English class! Well love you all! 


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