Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hey Everyone,
This week has been pretty good. We went to the Kleinert’s again on Monday and had dinner and family home evening. We talked about preach my gospel and had a good time. We had to do our shopping on Tuesday because all the stores were closed on Monday for a holiday. I don’t remember what holiday it was but like I was telling Megan if something is written on the calendar they celebrate it.
We had our English class again this week, but the guy never showed so we went and tried some contacting. Not much happened while we were out. On Wednesday we had district meeting. It was great. I went on a split to Paderborn.  It’s a two hour train ride just to get there.
Train Ride to Paderborn
We went and did some doors and when we got there and I gave out a Book of Mormon to some people. I hope they call us back.  Thursday we split back and then Elder Frickey and I had an appointment with some members. It took a while to get out to the people but we got there and had a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes and some vegetable soup stuff.  It was really good, even though there were vegetables. It reminded me of moms homemade grannies chicken noodle soup!
Friday we had a meeting in Dortmund. I went and did some contacting with a kid.  We picked a bad route and only saw a few people. We had a lesson with a member that didn’t go so well and then another appointment fall out on us. Not such a great day. After that there was a German boy having a mission going away part. He is leaving on the 11th of June and he is going to the Alpine Germany mission. We got to chill there for a bit and listen to the music they had playing. It was mostly American stuff. On Saturday we went to a town called Wetter. It was a cool place and we met an old companion of Elder Frickey’s who was visiting Germany. We said hi for a few minutes and then they left. After that we went to Brother Kramer’s house and had dinner. He fed us burritos. He is in love with Taco Bell and has a Taco Bell tray. He is a funny guy. On Sunday we went to church and oh yeah some lady from Venezuela stopped us on the street on Tuesday and she only spoke Spanish, so we called a Spanish speaking member and asked her to translate. Turns out she is a member and we gave her the church address. She showed up on Sunday and it was the best. When we first met her she kept pointing to the sky and then grabbing her heart. It was cool. After church we went to a members house and had chili and cornbread for lunch. It was delicious.
That’s pretty much all that happened this week.  Thanks for all the prayers. The couple we had lined up for a baptismal dates are not coming to church and are always too busy to meet. It kind of stinks.
Burgers and Fries at the Crittenden's
Well have a good week and I love all of you so much!

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